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A serendipitous holiday in the
heart of Nuwara Eliya

A crisp, cypress-scented breeze beckons as you enter our gates, creating an ambience of gentle relaxation that will be reinforced throughout your stay. There are a hundred ways to savour our unique hospitality of place and time, combined with rigorous standards of excellence in service and comfort. For instance, snuggling down in a quiet nook to read your favourite novel, or contemplating life from a vantage point in the rose garden, or simply sipping a cup of steaming tea oblivious to the travails of the world outside, or cozying up to the fireplace at night rose-cheeked in its warmth, perhaps with a stiff drink in hand. Yes, there are a hundred ways of your choice to enjoy the serenity, comfort and old-world charm of Chimneys Nuwara Eliya.

Here, where the weather behaves itself at a salubrious 20°C, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to surrender yourself to the passive pursuit of indulgence or to actively embark on the mild adventure of exploring the fascinating colonial heritage, architecture, and recreational culture of Nuwara Eliya, still fondly known as ‘Little England.’


Nuwara Eliya

Chimneys Nuwara Eliya stands on land that was once home to an exclusive holiday bungalow for the British. It was later purchased by Sir Solomon Dias Bandaranaike, father and grandfather of Prime Ministers and Presidents, who was the first Ceylonese to own land in this quintessentially English town. The land and property have since changed hands, lived through many stories and restorations, and have now emerged, as a secluded and serene holiday home in the hills, to serve its discerning and sophisticated guests.